Happy, Healthy Halloween

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Happy, Healthy HalloweenSUGAR IS FLOWING and bedtimes are later than usual. Try these tricks for a healthy, spooky holiday.

Eat a healthy meal first.
 To help cut down on the amount of candy your little one consumes, eat a healthy family meal together prior to trick-or-treating.

Keep sugar to a minimum.
 Candy is the order of the day, but sugar isn’t good for our health. While sugary treats in moderation are OK, make naturally sweet fruits and veggies a major part of your child’s eating so there’s not as much room for sweets.

Move it.
 Get some exercise in while you trick-or-treat. The American Heart Association recommends setting a family goal of a certain number of houses or streets to visit.

Pitch the leftovers.
A lot of kids gather enough candy from Halloween to last until after Christmas. Have them carry a small bag to limit candy intake, and keep only enough for about one piece a day over the course of a month or two.


Halloween is not only a fun holiday for kids, but also an opportunity for teaching them the importance of eating sweets in moderation and mixing exercise into activities in creative ways.

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