Recruitment, Retention and Rewards

staff 2 scaled 450 No matter how much Summit Healthcare grows and expands, you’ll always find the three R’s at the top of our hospital’s list. Recruitment, Retention and Rewards are how we build and maintain a excellent team of employees. Not only do we continually seek out and hire the finest employees we can find, we also work very hard to keep excellent employees. We do this by:

  • Offering employees at all levels a wide range of benefits and opportunities, because we fully realize that “appreciation” and “education” are two of the keys to employee satisfaction.
  • Providing Service Standard Behavior Guidelines for every employee to follow.
  • Hosting a variety of employee activities hosted by our Celebrations Committee, some of which encourage family members of our staff to join in on the fun.
  • Providing tuition reimbursement, mentor programs, and other opportunities so employees can take advantage of educational offerings at Summit.
  • Recruitment and Retention Council that assists in recruiting and retaining outstanding individuals to join Summit’s team of employees who are dedicated, skilled professionals who share the vision at our hospital.

Summit Healthcare is located in Show Low and serves the surrounding areas of Pinetop/Lakeside, Snowflake/Taylor, Heber, St. Johns Springerville and Eager.

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