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young female medical professional instructing older woman undergoing physical therapy, pulling yellow band on footThe goal of the Summit Therapy Services team is to maximize an individual’s ability to regain functional independence in daily living activities and functional mobility in the home, work, and community while maintaining physical, physiological and emotional health. Summit Healthcare’s therapy team will help people learn new skills or adapt to a permanent loss so they can do the day-to-day tasks that occupy their time.

Summit’s occupational therapists work in the hospital to treat patients who are in an acute care setting. The therapists assist the patient’s medical care team by facilitating early mobilization, restoring function, preventing further decline, and coordinating care, including transition and discharge planning. Summit’s occupational therapists provide a comprehensive outpatient program that compliments the current outpatient physical therapy program.

The types of services that will be offered at Summit Healthcare Rehabilitation Services are:

Occupational Therapy Services

iStock 926312896Occupational therapy is a health and rehabilitation process that can help people of any age. From children with disabilities to seniors, to people recovering from a physical impairment. Through the use of daily activities and a plan set up with Occupational Therapists, this type of therapy has been very effective for patients. Specific goals are made at the initial phases of therapy and then through evaluations, the individual’s progress is observed.

At Summit Healthcare, occupational therapy is personalized and focuses on a holistic view of an individual where many factors influence the success of the program.

Occupational therapy includes:

  • Personalized evaluations with the family/client of the individual
  • Create an outcomes evaluation to know if goals are being met

Who Is A Good Candidate For Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy can benefit people of all ages. Candidates for occupational therapy may range from children to elderly adults. Occupational therapy is best for individuals who experience limitations with daily activities due to injury, illness, development delays, or emotional problems. These candidates may need consistent support in improving their ability to perform everyday functions with independence and confidence.

Candidates for occupational therapy are those who:

  • Have suffered from an injury that impacts their ability to function
  • Have developmental delays
  • Have neurological conditions that prevent daily functioning
  • Have sensory processing challenges
  • Have suffered from a stroke

Working with an occupational therapist can help people in need of support to improve at daily functions, including:

  • Eating without help from others
  • Doing office work
  • Bathing and getting dressed independently
  • Doing laundry
  • Cleaning the house
  • Participating in fun activities
  • Independent decision making

What Is the Difference Between Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy?

Although occupational therapy and physical therapy are both designed to help increase independence and confidence in individuals, occupational therapy improves your ability to function to complete activities of your everyday life, while physical therapy helps to recover from a specific injury, manage pain, and gain back full function of the injured body part.

Because occupational therapy is centered around successfully doing daily activities, it can help increase confidence in patients in a way that will improve their everyday living and overall quality of life. Your occupational therapist will help you feel capable of doing tasks on your own as well as adapting to changing circumstances. When these tasks are completed every day, you will be able to build more confidence in your ability to function as an independent thinker.

Therapy Services for Children

iStock 590278142 min Summit Healthcare offers a complete spectrum of physical, occupational and speech therapy services for children. These are especially helpful for children ages newborn to teen with motor disabilities. Therapy services help children recover from serious injuries or overcome certain aspects of long-term disabilities. Since children are being treated, parents are very involved in the therapy process. From teachers, therapists to physicians, your child will care for appropriate therapy treatments to ensure their success.

  • Physical therapy focuses on functional mobility and gross motor skills like sitting, walking or standing.
  • Occupational therapy focuses on visual-motor or fine motor processing skills like dressing, grooming or eating.
  • Speech-language therapy focuses on language and speech communication for difficulty with speaking or swallowing.
  • Therapy Services for Children Our highly skilled and experienced therapists are dedicated to provide the best possible treatment for children with special needs

Depending on the health condition of your child, physical, occupational, and speech-language therapy, when done consistently, can help improve the lives of children who experience the following:

  • Congenital disorders
  • Sensory processing disorders
  • Traumatic injuries to the brain
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Injuries that impact their ability to use their limbs independently
  • Difficulty learning
  • Speech problems
  • Autism
  • Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis
  • Mental health issues
  • Behavioral problems
  • Developmental delays
  • Cancer
  • Severe injuries
  • Multiple Sclerosis, cerebral palsy, and other chronic illnesses

How Can I Find the Right Therapist for My Child?

The connection between a child and an understanding therapist is important. Ensuring your therapist is right for your child will not only help them feel more comfortable during therapy but also lead to successful results and consistent progress.

At Summit Healthcare, we pride ourselves on helping parents find the right kind of therapist for their child's needs. During a consultation with us, we’ll consider your child’s needs, health history, behavioral patterns, and even their personality to determine the best therapist for them. Each of our qualified and experienced therapists will have experience working with children.

To find the best therapist for your child, consider the following:

  • Research the therapist you are interested in. Find out their credentials and experience. Reading patient reviews from other families who have worked with that therapist will also be helpful.
  • Consider your child’s age. A therapist who specializes in treatment for babies and toddlers may not be the perfect fit for your pre-teen.
  • Consider your child’s needs and the therapist’s expertise. This is especially important if your child has a condition such as ADHD, autism, or anxiety, as their ability to respond to therapy may be different than others.
  • Consider your child’s methods of communication. Do they like being around maternal figures more than paternal figures? Do they respond well to positive reinforcement? These questions can help you determine if a therapist’s communication style will work well with your child’s.

If you’re unsure where to start when it comes to finding a therapist for your child, contact our team at Summit Healthcare today. We are ready to help!

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