Level II Nursery

What is our Level II Nursery?

Summit Healthcare’s Level II Nursery is certified by the Arizona Perinatal Trust as a Level II Perinatal Care Center. A special team of skilled physicians, neonatal nurse practitioners, and nurses provide 24- hour care for your baby in a nurturing, compassionate, and family friendly setting. The staff in the nursery cares for infants who need special care, including those with respiratory and feeding difficulties or those requiring antibiotic and IV therapy. The Level II Nursery is fully equipped with monitors, bed warmers and isolettes.


The Level II Nursery provides care for babies born at 35 weeks gestation and above or who need close monitoring or special care after birth prior to going home. Care we provide to babies in the Level II Nursery is:

  • Supplemental oxygen
  • Babies in respiratory distress
  • Babies with infections or suspected infection
  • Babies in need of IV or special medications
  • Babies experiencing hyperbilirubinemia
  • Babies in need of extra assistance with feeding

Level II Nursery works closely with families teaching them about any special care that may be needed prior to discharge home.

BabyIn addition to the Level II Nursery, Summit Healthcare has also partnered with Neonatology Associates to have a full time 24/7/365 neonatal consultation.

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Sarah Basinger, Director of Women and Infant Services talks about Summit Healthcare’s Level II Nursery designation by the Arizona Perinatal Trust certifies Summit Healthcare’s nursery to care for premature babies which allows families to be involved in the care of their newborn. Mom and baby do not need to leave the mountain to receive care.

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