Woman & Infant Services

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At Summit Healthcare, we are proud to offer new moms an environment which embraces the needs of the entire family. Your baby may stay with you in your room from birth to discharge. Our educational programs, services, and resources enhance the health and well-being of you and your family. Due to COVID-19 restrictions Summit Healthcare is now offering virtual tours, available below.

Patient Testimonial

“Labor and Delivery and Postpartum wings were absolutely amazing. Every single nurse and staff worker were competent, caring, and wonderful. My experience was so great. Everyone was caring and took their time with me and my newborn. Everything was explained to me and I did not have a single bad experience.” – Vanessa R.

Our Woman & Infant Services

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Birth Certificates

Birth certificate-worksheets are provided to you during your stay by the Vital Statistic Clerk.

In order to receive a copy for your records, you must submit an application to the State of Arizona. This requires a fee and a copy of your driver’s license. If you choose to have a social security number issued to your baby, it will be mailed in a few months by the Social Security Administration.

Paternity Affidavit is also available. The Vital Statistics Clerk can be contacted at 928.537.6362.

Lactation Services

The OB department has lactation services available to our patients and also provides outpatient lactation consults. Please contact labor and delivery at 928-537-6711 if you need to reach the lactation consultant.

Certified By Arizona Perinatal Trust

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The OB Department at Summit Healthcare is Certified by the Arizona Perinatal Trust.

Every mother and baby in Arizona should have the highest quality of prenatal, intrapartum, perinatal, neonatal and follow-up care. Arizona Perinatal Trust is a private-public partnership among hospitals and health care professionals throughout Arizona, committed to this goal by supporting an effective regionalized system that promotes access to high quality of care whether delivered in community settings or regional referral centers.

Breastfeeding Education

*Scan the QR code to access the video links.

How to help your baby latch deeply

  • Attaching Your Baby at the Breast (Global Health Media Project)
  • How to Breastfeed Deep Latch Technique (Fit Pregnancy)
  • “Flipple” for a deep latch (Breastfeeding Dietitian)
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How to hand express your milk

How to Express Your First Milk (Global Health Media Project)

The Basics of Breast Massage and Hand Expression (Maya Bolman)

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Reverse Pressure Softening

Reverse Pressure Softening for Engorgement (Jessica Barton)

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Paced Bottle Feeding

Paced Bottle Feeding – How to Bottle Feed Your Breastfed Baby (Holistic Lactation)

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