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Follow My Health Patient Portal will allow you to access your health information, schedule appointments, send notes to your provider and view your medical visits after your first visit with your provider.  There are a few things you will need to know about the new Follow My Health Portal.

How do I sign up for Follow My Health?

If you have your email on file with Summit Healthcare you will receive or have received an email inviting you to join the Follow My Health Portal. Please sign up but DO NOT enter any of your medical history into the portal. Once you check-in for your first appointment, you will be directed to complete your medical history. This is where you will have the opportunity to complete your medical history. After your first visit with your healthcare provider your information will automatically load into your Follow My Health Account.

Can I still check-in prior to my appointment?

Yes, you will receive a reminder email 48-hours prior to your appointment and 24-hours prior to your visit with your healthcare provider you will receive a text message to complete your online check-in process. Completing these forms in advance will ensure that your visit with your healthcare provider will be as timely and efficient.

Will my medical record from the previous patient portal transfer over to Follow My Health?

No, when you register for the new Follow My Health Portal please be aware that none of your medical history from the previous health portal will be transferred over to the Follow My Health Portal. Rest assured your previous medical visits and your medical records from the former portal are still available to you and your healthcare provider. If you would like a copy from Summit Healthcare 928-537-6700.

What if I don’t see my provider listed in the portal?

Your provider will automatically populate once you have made an appointment with your healthcare provider. You do not need to search for your healthcare provider.

Can I still communicate with my provider?

Yes, after your first appointment with your healthcare provider, you will be able to communicate with them through the Follow My Health Patient Portal.  However, if you need to communicate with your provider please contact the Patient Experience Center at 928-537-6700.

How can I access my personal health information on my smartphone or tablet?

Summit Healthcare also has the capability and security to allow you to manage your health information through a third-party applications, such as Medlio, MyLinks or another of your choice that meets the technical specifications.  When downloading the app to your smartphone or tablet your identity will be authenticated using your secure FollowMyHealth account. You can find the list of apps to choose from here.

Converting to one online medical record system allows Summit Healthcare providers to view your complete medical record from your provider office and hospital visits to better manage your healthcare. We strive to meet our mission to provide compassionate care, close to home.

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