Report a Concern or Complaint

To Report Fraud, Abuse or Ethical Concerns

You may submit your report anonymously as desired. Hotline reports are received by an outside company and referred to David Murray, Chief Compliance & Risk Management Officer with Summit Healthcare. If you would like to speak with David, call Administration at 928.537.6556.

Summit Healthcare Association Corporate Compliance Hotline – 844.965.3490

Do you have a concern or complaint?

You may voice complaints about the care you receive without fear of retaliation and have those complaints reviewed and resolved when possible. Please speak with your doctor, healthcare staff, or a manager if you have a concern. You may also contact any of the following:

Summit Healthcare Administration        (928) 537-6556

Summit Patient Advocate                        (928) 537-6746

Summit Compliance Hotline                    (844) 965-3490

If your concern is not resolved to your liking, you may access any federal or state regulatory agency about your care. You have the right to file a complaint regarding your care and to be informed of the complaint process. If you need assistance with contacting a federal or state agency, we will help you.  You will not be subjected to retaliation for submitting a complaint to any federal or state entity.

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