Treating Pediatric Flat Feet

Our feet play a pivotal role in our daily lives. They allow us to run and walk and help support our body weight. Monitoring proper foot development is essential for children to make sure that their bodies develop properly. Many children have flat feet, and it can have a lasting effect on the structural integrity …

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When to Consider Home Health

We go through many adjustments as we age. Some of the physical and mental changes that our bodies and minds endure can make it necessary to get extra help to maintain our quality of life. Even though it can be difficult to accept some of the adjustments we must make, it’s inevitable. Having a helping …

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What a Sleep Study Can Teach You

Getting a good night’s sleep can seem like an elusive pipe dream to some people. The fatigue that follows restlessness can be enough to drive you crazy. Not knowing the cause behind poor sleep can add more frustration to a complicated situation. But a sleep study can help give you insight into what may contribute …

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Keep Track of Your Colon Health

Getting regular checkups helps you stay in good health and identify threats to your body early. Cancer screenings become more crucial as we age, and keeping up with them is vital. Among the many cancer screenings to be mindful of, a colorectal cancer screening is easy to forget. While colorectal cancer can fly under the …

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