Preventative Cardiology: Tips for Better Heart Health

Preventative Cardiology is a subspecialty that focuses on maintaining a patient’s cardiovascular health to prevent heart disease or a heart attack. However, it can also be used to prevent patients from having any further issues if they are already struggling with cardiovascular disease. Caring for your heart now can go a long way in preventing issues […]

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Keeping Your Pacemaker Strong

Monitoring your heart health plays a critical role in your overall wellness. Eating a healthy diet, exercising, and effectively managing stress are all critical components of caring for your heart. However, some people still have heart issues despite their best efforts. One method of helping those with heart issues is inserting a pacemaker to regulate

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Stress and Heart Health

Dealing with stress is a common part of daily human life. Trying your best to keep up with appointments, work, helping kids with homework, and everything in between takes a toll on us. When the lasting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic get added into the equation, the strain is enough to burn you out. Although

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Heart concerns that can be diagnosed at Summit Healthcare

At Summit Healthcare, our cardiologists work routinely with patients in the community of Show Low, Arizona who are in need of heart health solutions. A cardiologist is an experienced, medical professional who has special training and education on conditions that impact the heart, and can help with various conditions and problems, including:  Heart failure Coronary

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