Nurse Residency Program

The goal of the Nurse Residency program is to assist new graduate RNs and RNs without acute care experience to progress from novice to competent practice in the hospital setting. The program includes didactic training and clinical/precepted rotations in six of the following departments: Emergency Room, Intensive Care Unit, Surgical Services, Labor & Delivery/Obstetrics/New-born Nursery, Medical-Surgical Unit, Medical-Surgical/Telemetry Unit, Orthopedics, and Senior Behavioral Health.  Nurse residents participate in patient care, planning, implementation, observation, and evaluation.  Additionally, the new graduate will participate in monthly didactic training to enhance the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and abilities as a nurse.

What our program offers:

  • 4 month paid residency
  • Excellent Benefits
  • 36 hour work week
  • Guaranteed full-time placement
  • Rotations in:


Residents must:

  • maintain employment in good standing at Summit Healthcare
  • agree that no prescheduled paid time off will be allowed during residency training (special circumstances may be considered)

Summit Healthcare Retention Bonus Agreement

Summit Healthcare will offer you a retention bonus for the Nurse Resident position.  In order to receive the full amount of the retention bonus, you need to remain employed full-time with Summit Healthcare for a minimum of two (2) years following the completion of your Nurse Residency rotations.

Retention Bonus

The $5,000 bonus, minus applicable taxes will be paid to you as follows:

  • $1,000 upon completion of your rotations with placement in the department where you will be working
  • $2,000 at one year from placement in your department (must remain in fulltime status)
  • $2,000 at two years from placement in your department (must remain in fulltime status)

How Can I Prepare Myself for My Nursing Residency Program?

Your educational program in nursing gave you the knowledge that is needed to excel in your career. In a nursing residency program, you gain a wealth of clinical knowledge, skills that you will take with you as you expand into a thriving profession in nursing! We’re happy to welcome you onto the Summit Healthcare Team as a resident nurse. We have a variety of areas in which you can focus, including a robuts emergency room nurse residency program. The following suggestions may help you prepare for your program.

Know What You’re in For

When you apply for our nursing residency program, please don’t hesitate to ask any questions that come up for you. Our team should provide you with a thorough explanation and written documents that discuss our curriculum and expectations. By reviewing them and asking questions as needed, you’re prepared for what is ahead. When you have a good understanding of your program and what’s expected of you, you may feel much more confident and must less stressed, and that can go a long way in helping you stay resourced on those inevitably tough days as a nurse.

Get Comfortable

During your nursing residency and throughout your career as a nurse, you’ll be moving between floors, carrying objects and patients, and standing or walking for long periods. In general, nursing is a pretty demanding job! Because of this, your attire matters. You need to be comfortable.

You may have amassed a good work wardrobe during nursing school. As you begin your residency program, you want to have scrubs that are mobile, stretchy, and cool. You also want to have several pockets and slits in all the right places to help you move freely. Because you’ll be standing and walking quite a bit, it’s advisable to wear compression socks when on duty.

How Do I Prepare Emotionally for Nursing Residency?

We can make several recommendations to help you feel physically prepared for your nursing residency program. You also need to know how to manage the stress of your chosen profession. Stress is inevitable, so part of your transition from school to full-time nursing is learning how to manage the stressors you may face.

Some suggestions to consider include:

  • Playing video games. Yes! Video games can be immensely cathartic for nurses and all professions! Diving into a rich video game can be entertaining and also a great way to separate from the workday.
  • Exercise. Your nursing residency can be demanding and very busy. Exercise doesn’t have to be strenuous to be effective, and daily exercise can promote better sleep and a more consistent mood. At the beginning or end of your day, a brief walk outdoors can do wonders.
  • Arts and crafts. Making something with your hands serves as a type of stress management and can help mitigate the demands of your nursing residency. Color, paint, garden, create ceramics, write, or make music.
  • Dance! There are numerous options for pleasant diversions to help offset the stresses of a thriving nursing career.

At Summit Healthcare, it is our intention to provide our resident nurses with the teaching, oversight, and support they need to enjoy a career they love! We'd love to speak with you about our nursing residency programs in Show Low, AZ.

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Program Testimonials

"Going through the residency program was amazing because of the preceptors who genuinely took you under their wing and made the learning experience their priority. The program is so beneficial even for nurses who may have prior experience."


"Rotating departments has helped me build my nursing foundation. In so many ways I have been able to learn and observe so many styles of nursing and gain knowledge from so many individuals."


"The knowledge and skill I gained through the Nurse Residency Program prepared me to hit the ground running. I felt the skill set I gained and the time I had to gain it set a solid foundation for my nursing career."


"Having no previous medical experience, and changing my career later in life, the Nurse Residency Program helped to bridge the skills learned in school."


"The Nurse Residency Program enabled me to see and work in different areas in the hospital. It taught me to adapt my working skills in a stressful and non-stressful situation. This program allowed me to grow as a nurse in my areas of weakness."


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