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What is Chemotherapy?

The mission of the chemotherapy department is to provide pharmaceutical treatments to its clients in an outpatient setting, consistent with the hospital wide quality of care practice standards. The chemotherapy department supports the transfer from inpatient acute care services to outpatient care, working with discharge planners and physicians to allow a smooth transition for the patient. The chemo department also works with physician offices and other hospitals to provide outpatient services for their patients. The department sees approximately 4,800 patients per year. The “new and improved” chemotherapy unit boasts ten recliners, an aquarium, surround sound and plants.

Patients have stated how much they love the “family environment” in Summit’s chemotherapy department and that they enjoy coming in for their treatments because they are treated like family. They are provided a chair that fully reclines, music, books and friendly distractions to help them get through their day.

Our Oncology certified nurses have met or exceeded requirements for practice in cancer care, have completed education in oncology nursing, and have a tested knowledge of the specialty. Certification in oncology nursing is based on current professional practice, so it validates a nurse’s knowledge is up-to-date. As cancer treatments become more complex, patients will require increasingly specialized care. Oncology certified nurses have both the knowledge and experience to deliver that care effectively. In order to be eligible to test for an OCN, an RN must have a minimum of 1,000 hours of oncology nursing practice and have completed 10 contact hours of accredited continuing education in oncology nursing. If accepted, the RN must then pass a rigorous exam in order to become Oncology Nursing Certified.

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