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Cancer Treatment Programs

An ethnic woman wearing a headscarf and fighting cancer sits on the couch with her mother. She is in the foreground and her mom is behind her, with her arm wrapped around in an embrace, and they're both looking out the window in a quiet moment of contemplation.

If you or a family member has been diagnosed with cancer, Summit Healthcare Cancer Centers provides state-of-the-art treatment for our patients.

We treat many types of cancers including brain cancer, breast cancer,lung cancer, and skin cancer.

All of our patients will receive individualized care Summit offers the latest treatment options including chemotherapy and radiation therapy.


A senior adult man outpatient cancer patient - alert, but tired and bored - is sitting resting comfortably while chemotherapy IV drip medicine is administered by a tangled array of medical equipment through an intravenous chemo access port temporarily embedded into his upper chest. The plastic tubes, clamps, connectors, caps and off-camera drip bags are attached only during each two to three hour on-site session at this medical hospital clinic. The embedded access port stays in place throughout his three month bi-weekly chemotherapy regimen.

Chemotherapy is one form of cancer treatment that we offer at Summit Healthcare Cancer Center. Chemotherapy works by destroying cancerous cells and is typically the primary choice in cancer treatment. Chemotherapy is a customized aspect of cancer treatment that may be recommended for a wide range of situations. This treatment may also be combined with other forms of treatment including radiation. Our chemotherapy department sees approximately 4,800 patients per year and offers patients a “family environment”.

Radiation Therapy

Woman receiving Radiation Therapy Treatments for Cancer

Radiation therapy, also known as radiation oncology, uses radiation to kill cancer cells by preventing them from multiplying. Our oncologists can deliver radiation with incredible accuracy which allows them to target tumors while leaving healthy tissue unharmed. Radiation therapy may be able to eliminate the need for surgery to remove cancer.

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To learn more about our cancer treatment programs at Summit Healthcare Cancer Center, call 928-537-6937 to schedule your consultation with one of our oncologists. Our practice serves Show Low, Snowflake, Lakeside, and surrounding areas in Arizona.

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