Learn more about our outpatient surgery center

At Summit Healthcare Regional Medical Center, we handle medical needs for thousands of patients and ensure the best quality care and attention with our experienced staff. When patients are in need of surgical procedures, our doctors will often have them seen at the outpatient surgery center in Show Low, Arizona. Our doctors can provide a… Read More »

What is dialysis, and is inpatient dialysis available?

Dialysis is a specialized treatment that is often recommended for patients who experience certain concerns with their kidneys. The kidneys are essential in removing the waste and fluids that accumulate in the body through urination, and when they are not functioning properly, they may require some assistance through a treatment known as dialysis. This treatment… Read More »

How to improve your health with nutritional counseling

Food is fuel for the body. But are you fueling your body with the RIGHT foods? At Summit Healthcare Regional Medical Center, our professionals can help improve a patient’s nutrition with nutritional counseling. Good nutrition is key to a healthy body and increased longevity of life. By eating a balanced diet and taking care of… Read More »

How IV therapy is used

IV therapy is used in many areas of medicine. IV, which stands for intravenous, is a method of accessing the blood vessels to administer liquids, nutrients, or medications. By providing liquids, nutrients, or medications through an IV, a doctor can ensure fast results and sufficient medications are administered as needed. How is IV therapy used?… Read More »

Visit our team at the Pacer clinic

Obtaining a pacemaker or ICD is a smart step in the right direction for patients who have certain health conditions that impact their heart’s function and rhythm. These implants are often placed into the body and function to keep the heart doing its job each and every day. With a pacemaker or ICD, patients with… Read More »

Women’s imaging choices for detecting breast cancer

Breast cancer is a form of cancer that develops in the breast area. This cancer, when diagnosed early, can be easily treated with the help of our team at Summit Healthcare Regional Medical Center. This is why it is so important for women to visit our practice every year for an annual mammogram. In addition,… Read More »

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