Why Seeing a Dietician is Wise for the Diabetic Patient

By henley.tabal | September 15, 2021

Diabetes is the condition in which the body does not properly make or use insulin. As a result, there is too much glucose (sugar) in the blood. The objective for every person with diabetes is to manage their blood sugar well. Doing so decreases the damage that this condition causes to the gums and teeth, […]

How to Prevent Skin Cancer

By vera.rota | August 30, 2021

Skin cancer remains very common across the U.S. The main causes of this type of cancer are UV exposure from the sun and from tanning beds. While you should of course protect your skin when you are out swimming, hiking all day, or enjoying other sun-filled activities, there are also sun protection steps you should […]

What is Hyperbaric Treatment Used for?

By vera.rota | August 15, 2021

At Summit Healthcare, we are proud to be home to a Hyperbaric Center. As a rural hospital in Northeastern Arizona, we know this treatment is an important part of bringing state-of-the-art wound care to our community and surrounding communities. The hyperbaric chamber provides a pressurized environment that delivers 100 percent oxygen. As you breathe in […]

Why might I need shoulder surgery?

By alex.curci | July 30, 2021

Your shoulders allow you to function each and every day. It isn’t until there is a problem with the shoulder that many patients realize how integral this area of the body can be when it comes to enjoying many different activities. Shoulder pain may be caused by a variety of temporary and long-term problems, and […]

Radiation vs chemotherapy: which one is best for me?

By vera.rota | July 15, 2021

If you have recently received a cancer diagnosis, you may be reading a lot of information regarding the best treatment. While this can be a scary time for patients, it is also a time to make educated decisions regarding your care. With a diagnosis of cancer, many patients are encouraged to consider treatments such as […]

Heart concerns that can be diagnosed at Summit Healthcare Regional Medical Center

By wpengine | June 30, 2021

At Summit Healthcare Regional Medical Center, our cardiologists work routinely with patients in the community of Show Low, Arizona who are in need of heart health solutions. A cardiologist is an experienced, medical professional who has special training and education on conditions that impact the heart, and can help with various conditions and problems, including:  […]

Document Destruction

By jayasi.basu | June 29, 2021

Notice of Request for Proposal

Notice of Request for Proposal

By jayasi.basu | June 28, 2021

Notice of Request for Proposal

Why do I need dialysis?

By wpengine | June 15, 2021

Patients who are struggling with kidney malfunction are often told by their primary care doctor that treatments such as dialysis may be needed. Dialysis is a specialized treatment that is designed for patients with kidney failure. The process of dialysis helps in maintaining the cleaning of the blood and keeping the body chemically balance. This […]

Why are mammograms important?

By wpengine | May 30, 2021

Early detection of breast cancer is one way to significantly improve one’s survival once diagnosed. This is because the cancer at the earliest stage can be treated more effectively than cancer that has spread, or metastasized. To diagnose breast cancer, an imaging process known as a mammogram, or mammography, is done to check the tissues […]

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