Loving Yourself With Your Annual Breast Cancer Screening

patient undergoes a screening procedure for a mammogram Although we know much more about breast cancer than in decades past, it continues to be a significant health crisis. Many studies show that annual screenings play a vital role in the early detection of breast cancer and can also help improve your long-term prognosis in some cases. Some people avoid getting annual screenings for fear of discovering something frightening, but it’s still essential to go for your screenings anyway. At Summit Healthcare Regional Medical Center, our experienced professionals can provide you with the compassionate care you want to help ease your concerns.

Here are a few reasons why your breast cancer screenings can make a difference and how we can provide you with the care you need.

Early Detection

The primary benefit of regular breast cancer screenings is detecting danger early. Unfortunately, many people wait until problems become severe before they get checked out. Sometimes, it’s too late, and treatment strategies can do little to help the situation. Getting screened helps to find problems early, opening the door for treatment strategies to have enough time to be effective.

Early Intervention

Another crucial benefit of getting your annual breast cancer screening is that if your doctor finds cancerous cells, they can quickly devise a treatment strategy that fits your situation. Early detection of breast cancer allows healthcare professionals to intervene in the early stages, helping treatments to be more effective. Many cancers are easier to treat when they are still in their early stages, making your screening much more essential.

How We Can Help

At Summit Health Care Regional Medical Center, we specialize in diagnosing and treating many forms of cancer, including breast cancer. Your treatment strategy depends on the specific nature of your cancer, but some of the treatments we offer include

  • Hormone treatment
  • Surgery 
  • Radiation
  • Hormone treatment
  • Chemotherapy
  • Targeted treatment

Also, our office provides screenings for many forms of cancer, including breast cancer. Early detection is crucial to fighting cancer before it runs rampant, but the first step is to schedule your consultation with one of our experts. Call our Show Low office at 928-537-4375 to schedule your annual cancer screening.

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