Who Let The Girls Out?

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Who Let the Girls Out? Annual Women's Health ConferenceWE’RE EXCITED TO announce our 18th annual Women’s health conference will be held on Saturday, April 23. This year’s conference will be titled, “Who Let the Girls Out?” and will feature three smart and exciting speakers. We will be covering topics such plastic surgery, motivation (by chocolate), and how to barter for your health.

Meet the Featured Speaker

Based out of Raleigh, North Carolina, professional speaker Denise Ryan is a motivational pyromaniac. Her infectious energy, humor, and enthusiasm will set a room ablaze. Her no nonsense, direct delivery coupled with her business savvy and humor leave audiences not only laughing, but with actionable tips. Not your typical “motivational speaker,” Denise is genuine and real.

Her presentation features two things everyone likes—chocolate and motivation! It teaches nine key motivational concepts that can help participants get more out of every day—both personally and professionally. Attendees will learn about persistence, passion, effective allocation of resources, the law of diminishing returns, and much more!

The session includes a chocolate tasting to demonstrate not only how to appreciate chocolate, but life itself. Attendees will also learn about the communication styles of the world’s best chocolate makers and determine their own style. They can use this insight to better relate to others. And did we mention there will be a chocolate tasting? 

Event Schedule

9 a.m. — Doors open

10 a.m. —Cristin Connor, Occupational Health

Topic: “Bartering for Your Health”

11 a.m. — Katrina Lynch, MPAS, PA-C

Topic: “Plastic Surgery”

12 p.m. — Lunch Break

1 p.m.   — Denise Ryan

Topic: “Motivation by Chocolate”

Event Details

Date: Saturday, April 23

Time: 10 a.m.–1 p.m.

Location: Hon-Dah Resort & Casino

Price: $20 (pays for admission and lunch)

Click here to register for this event or visit summithealthcare.net and click on the Women’s Health Conference banner.
Location Map:

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