The importance of the BioEthics Committee of Summit Healthcare

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The importance of the BioEthics Committee of Summit HealthcareWhen individuals are making medical decisions for someone they love, it can become overwhelming. What is the right choice? What is the ethical choice? Many also wonder if they are doing all they can to help their family member overcome their chronic or life-threatening conditions. Individuals who have family members being seen at Summit Healthcare and are overwhelmed at treatment and care choices can connect with our BioEthics Committee. The Summit Healthcare Association BioEthics Committee provides support for patients, loved ones, and other healthcare professionals who may be in a situation where ethical issues or decision may be difficult.

Why work with the BioEthics Committee?

Community members and staff from various clinical departments make up the BioEthics Committee. They work together with individuals to help guide them through the treatment and care of certain conditions when there are conflicts or concerns. The conversations that occur with individuals and the BioEthics Committee are held in the strictest confidence, allowing individuals to be open and honest about the situation they are faced with. Our team works alongside those participating in the care of an individual to make educated and knowledgeable decisions, and develop a course of action that is appropriate considering the situation presented.

The BioEthics Committee plays a role in ensuring human dignity and freedom, and might be reached when the following situations arise:

  • Concerns regarding health decisions
  • Family needing to make difficult life-and-death decisions
  • Ethical problems in one’s healthcare
  • Disagreements on healthcare decisions
  • Decisions cannot be reached after discussing options with a doctor or nurse

Are you interested in a consultation with the BioEthics Committee of Summit Healthcare?

If you are in a position of making ethical decisions for a loved one and are interested in guidance, we encourage you to speak to your family member’s nurse or doctor about connecting with the BioEthics Committee of Summit Healthcare. We also encourage you to call the Social Services Department at (928) 537-6364 to make direct contact. We want you to feel comfortable with the decisions being made for your family’s care, knowing that your case is handled with strict confidence and to help come to an agreement on treatments and care.

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