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Cancer Center | Summit Healthcare | Show Low AZLet the sun shine on! We are gearing up for trips to the mountains and the lake this summer. Before you head out on your next outdoor adventure, make sure you have everything you need to keep your eyes protected from all the sun you’re going to be playing in. If you’re not sure the best ways of preventing your eyes from getting UV radiation damage, keep reading.

We’re in Arizona. We know sun, especially when it comes to our skin. We slather on sunscreen every few hours while we’re out enjoying the weather because we know the pain of sunburn when we don’t. Ouch. Thank goodness for aloe vera on the skin that we may have missed. And similar to sunburn on the skin, our eyes can react negatively to too much sun. But one big difference is that skin damage is often immediate and painful, while eye damage from UV radiation might not show immediately. And it might not hurt immediately afterward either, so the feedback you’re expecting? It might come years down the line.

Take care of your eyes now to prevent future damage.

Where is UV Radiation?

UV rays are some of the most difficult things to avoid if you ever go outside. They slip through clouds on an overcast day, and they’re strongest during most-active times (10 AM to 4 PM).

UV Radiation damage is more dangerous near large bodies of water because water reflects light so you get an extra strong dose if you’re hanging by a lake or a river. Packing sunscreen is a must on your packing list, but don’t forget your eyes.

Prevention is Key

Just like remembering to apply sunscreen regularly takes some conscious thought at first, it can also be difficult to remember to bring along and actually wear sunglasses. Don’t just grab the first pair you see. Many good sunglasses come with a sticker that says “100% UV Protection,” and those are the ones you want.

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