Treatment options for cancer: radiation therapy and chemotherapy

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Treatment options for cancer: radiation therapy and chemotherapyWhen patients receive a diagnosis of cancer, they may feel overwhelmed as all the information they need to process and the treatments that are available. The team at Summit Healthcare believes in providing patients the education they need to make informed decisions about their condition and seek relief. Our practice has a dedicated cancer treatment center that focuses on providing care for these individuals.

The two types of treatment that often come to mind when patients are diagnosed with cancer include both chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Both of these treatments are used with various types of cancer to kill off the cancer cells and help patients take the steps towards remission when possible. But what is the difference between chemotherapy and radiation therapy?

Radiation therapy vs. chemotherapy

  • Chemotherapy – chemotherapy is a cancer treatment that is focused on giving patients medications that are designed to find and attack cancer cells in the body. This medication may have several side effects that will need to be considered, as it can significantly decrease the effectiveness of one’s immune system and cause patients to experience periods of nausea, lack of appetite, and other side effects. The medication is given at the office through an IV on a regular basis while monitoring the cancer cells in the body throughout treatment.
  • Radiation therapy – radiation therapy is a cancer treatment that is performed by providing high doses of radiation directly towards the cancerous tumors and cells in the body. The radiation will damage the DNA of the cancer cells, killing them off and helping patients toward the opportunity for remission.

Are you looking for a quality cancer center to help you with your diagnosis?

At Summit Healthcare, we believe in providing the best possible care for cancer patients in the area of Show Low, Arizona and beyond. If you are interested in learning more about our quality treatment options, including chemotherapy and radiation therapy, contact our office at (928) 537-4375 to request an appointment. We have four convenient office locations that can be booked by calling this main line and speaking with our front office team.

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