Dietary and nutritional information for diabetes

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Dietary and nutritional information for diabetes Your body needs food for fuel, but are you fueling your body right? Many medical conditions, including diabetes, are directly related to one’s diet and nutrition. At Summit Healthcare in Arizona, we believe that diabetes control starts with better nutrition management. Our medical nutrition therapy provides can guide patients through the steps of eating healthier for not only managing their diabetes, but to enjoy better health and wellness overall!

What is medical nutrition therapy?

Medical nutrition therapy, or MNT, is an important aspect diabetes management and education. This nutrition-based treatment focuses on the foods and beverages consumed by an individual and how it impact their condition. Patients with type 1 or type 2 diabetes often benefit greatly from medical nutrition therapy. By engaging with a nutritionist who can create a customized eating plan for better health, many patients can reduce their symptoms of diabetes. In some cases, when drastic changes are made and continued, patients are often able to reduce their reliance of medications to manage their condition.

What is included in medical nutrition therapy?

After patients have gotten a diagnosis from their doctor of diabetes, education is the next step in learning how to manage this disorder. The doctors at Summit Healthcare will refer patients to a medical nutrition therapist, or dietitian, that can focus on building a nutritional plan that meets their needs and helps in reducing problems associated with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. MNT may include:

  • Establishment of personal goals and interventions
  • In-depth nutritional assessment
  • Comprehensive lifestyle and behavioral evaluations
  • Meal-planning and education on making smarter nutritional choices
  • Understanding how eating habits impact health and wellness
  • Promoting self-care behaviors for better glycemic control and management

Take charge of your diet and see the benefits long-term!

Many patients can manage their diabetes with proper management of their diet and nutritional intake. If you want to work with a professional to reduce symptoms and problems associated with diabetes, call (928) 537-4375 to schedule a consultation with one of our dieticians at Summit Healthcare. We have four conveniently located practices throughout the areas of Show Low and Pinetop, Arizona.

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