When to visit an urgent care facility

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When to visit an urgent care facilityIt is not unusual for a patient to experience an illness or injury that occurs unexpectedly. Maybe you wake up in the morning with an extremely sore throat and wonder if you should be tested for strep. Or perhaps you experienced a fall while playing with your child and cannot put weight on or more your ankle or your wrist. Situations such as this are not appropriate for calling a physician and waiting several days to be seen, nor are they proper for an expensive trip to the emergency room. In cases such as this, most patients will benefit from a walk-in visit to their local urgent care. At Summit Healthcare, we proudly offer urgent care facilities at our locations for immediate care and attention.

When should I visit an urgent care?

The urgent care facility is not typically the first step in getting care from a professional. In many cases, we recommend patients call their primary care physician to book an appointment for a non-urgent situation. Also, certain injuries, such as a head injury or serious cut require the assistance of an emergency room doctor. However, there are times when urgent care visits are appropriate.

Here are a few times when a patient might benefit from walking into their urgent care clinic for medical help:

  • When you have a strain, sprain, or broken bone
  • When a fever has developed along with other coexisting symptoms
  • When abdominal pain, vomiting, or diarrhea are occurring
  • Mild to moderate flu-like symptoms
  • Dehydration
  • When you have a cut that might require stitches

During an urgent care visit, our team will assess your current situation and your past medical history and perform the diagnostics needed to get you treated and back to your normal routine as quickly as possible!

Contact Summer Healthcare Regional Medical Center for immediate care

If you are in need of visiting an urgent care facility, visit us today for a walk-in appointment. We have four convenient locations throughout the area of Show Low, Arizona and work directly with new and current patients of our practice. Our primary number for questions can be reached at (928) 537-4375.

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