Benefits Of A Regional Medical Center

Healthcare services Showflake, AZWith six locations throughout the White Mountains of Arizona, Summit Healthcare provides services to more than 90,000 people who call the area home on a seasonal or permanent basis. Convenience is just one benefit of entrusting your care to a regional medical center.

Coordinated Care

Coordinating your care becomes more complex when you live with a chronic disease, get older and recover from an injury. You may have to visit your primary physician first, then have the records transferred to a specialist. The specialist then communicates with your primary provider. In theory, this is a straightforward process, but even in today’s high-tech environment, the demands on medical providers result in the slow coordination of care. At Summit Healthcare, you only have one medical record that is shared with all your providers, from your primary physician to your specialists. This provides exceptional communication and coordination of all aspects of care.

Comprehensive Range of Services

Have you ever had difficulty finding specialists and receiving services promptly due to different requirements for insurance, scheduling, and other factors? These problems stem from fragmentation in healthcare, a model that was developed more out of need than design. Summit Healthcare offers patients a comprehensive range of services so that you can focus on your health and well-being rather than juggling the details of multiple standalone providers.   

Quality from a Patient Perspective

Quality of care is an important aspect of today’s healthcare environment. Clinics of all sizes work to improve their patient experiences, but their reach is limited. Private physicians, for example, cannot influence the quality of care at another private practice. Because the umbrella of Summit Healthcare touches on every aspect of your care, we are positioned to improve quality at every level.

Learn More About the Benefits of a Regional Medical Center. Contact Summit Healthcare.

To learn more about the benefits of a regional medical center, such as emergency services, home health, lab services, walk-in clinics and more, contact Summit Healthcare today. You can also contact our Snowflake Medical Center at (928) 536-7519. You can reach our Family Medicine locations at (928) 536-5858 in Snowflake, (928) 537-5437 in Lakeside and (928) 532-3926 in Show Low. We also have two clinics that can be reached at (928) 367-6688 in Pinetop.

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