What is dialysis, and is inpatient dialysis available?

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What is dialysis, and is inpatient dialysis available?Dialysis is a specialized treatment that is often recommended for patients who experience certain concerns with their kidneys. The kidneys are essential in removing the waste and fluids that accumulate in the body through urination, and when they are not functioning properly, they may require some assistance through a treatment known as dialysis. This treatment is often recommended to patient who have certain medical problems such as kidney failure or trauma to one or both of the kidneys.

How is dialysis performed?

Dialysis is done using a unique machine that will take in the blood from the body, filter and clean it, and then pumps it back into the body. It is best for patients who have a kidney that is not functioning properly, and is used to reduce symptoms and extend one’s lifespan when dealing with kidney disease or failure.

How does inpatient dialysis work?

Patients who are on dialysis will require regular visits to the doctor to have their treatment performed with a dialysis machine under the care and attention of our trained providers. In most cases, patients come into the practice approximately three to four times a week to have their treatment performed. It takes approximately three to five hours a session, so patients should be prepared with something to do during this time. They will be in a seated position and connected with the dialysis machine during this time. When the treatment is often, patients leave the office and return to their daily activities until they need to return. Patients will continue dialysis as long as necessary.

Are you considering your dialysis options?

If you reside in the area of Show Low, Arizona and are considering a hospital for inpatient dialysis, look no further than Summit Healthcare. We are a team of providers that work directly with patients to ensure they receive the care and attention they need to continue to live the lifestyle they desire, especially when dealing with kidney issues that require dialysis on a regular basis. Contact our hospital today to book an appointment and discuss your needs with our experienced doctors.

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