Why do I need dialysis?

istock 1263617370 Patients who are struggling with kidney malfunction are often told by their primary care doctor that treatments such as dialysis may be needed. Dialysis is a specialized treatment that is designed for patients with kidney failure. The process of dialysis helps in maintaining the cleaning of the blood and keeping the body chemically balance. This is a process that is performed by the kidneys, but if the kidneys are failing or impaired, dialysis is used to provide this service when the body cannot perform it on its own. This filtering, performed by healthy kidneys, is necessary as life-threatening amounts of toxins and waste can build up in the body. At Summit Healthcare , we offer kidney dialysis for new and established patients, and encourage patients to speak to their healthcare provider about when they should start dialysis. 

Who needs dialysis? 

Anyone who has chronic kidney disease, or stage 5 kidney failure, may have kidneys that cannot perform their necessary functions. At this point, dialysis is often recommended as a way to clean the blood and filter toxins. Without dialysis, the outcome is grave, especially for those who are waiting for a kidney donation. To determine the function of the kidney, certain kidney function tests are performed and monitored to evaluate. 

How does dialysis work? 

A special port is implanted into the skin to access the blood. Patients will rest in the dialysis room and are hooked up to the dialysis machine. The machine takes in the blood, filters out the toxins and waste, and returns the blood back into circulation in the body. There are different ways to filter, which is why there are two types of dialysis: 

  • Hemodialysis
  • Peritoneal dialysis

Both provide filtering but in a different manner, depending on the needs of the patient. 

Connect with the team of Summit Healthcare to learn more about dialysis 

Dialysis is often required for many of our patients to ensure they are getting the care they need until they can receive a kidney donation. If you are seeking a quality dialysis team in the area, we welcome you to book an appointment at any of our four convenient locations. Call our main line at (928) 537-4375.

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