The Benefits of Early Joint Replacement

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Getting a total joint replacement at a younger age can help you stay active and enjoy a better quality of life.

The Benefits of Early Joint Replacement | Summit Healthcare | Show Low, AZYOU MAY BELIEVE that total joint replacement is something you shouldn’t think about until you are 60 or 70 years old. However, having the procedure in your 40s or 50s might give you more time to enjoy the activities you love while staying healthier in the process.

“Your quality of life is important,” says Angie Valentine, Director of Home Health and Orthopedic Program Manager at Summit Healthcare. “If you have joint pain that limits your ability to enjoy life, then getting it taken care of can help you get your life back.”

On Your Way

Thanks to advancements in physical therapy, recovery, and preparation, getting a total joint replacement is a more efficient process than you may think.

Our preoperative education and concierge services can help you prepare for total joint replacement and recovery ahead of time. Working with a joint coach, you can learn what to expect during and after your procedure. You can even begin “prehab” exercises so you’ll have a head start on physical therapy and rehabilitation in the days and weeks following surgery.

Depending on your surgery, you’ll likely begin physical rehabilitation within 24 hours. This early therapy can help shorten your recovery and the length of your hospital stay.

You can also sign up for videos, tips, and emails from Summit Healthcare throughout the planning and recovery phases to learn more or leave us feedback. In addition, we hold reunion activities where you can meet with other people who have also had total joint replacement surgery.

“You don’t have to leave the White Mountain community for total joint replacement,” Angie says. “If you go to Phoenix, that’s a six-hour round trip. Staying in a car that long can cause flare-ups and complications after total joint replacement surgery. We have excellent surgeons right here in the community.”

Visit or call 928.537.6880 to learn more about local options for total joint replacement.

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