What to Expect in Physical Therapy

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Physical Therapy at Summit HealthcareDO YOU KNOW what happens during physical therapy?

Physical therapists perform hands-on manipulation of your joints and muscles and teach exercises to help alleviate pain and restore natural movement. They treat people of all ages who have limited ability to perform important activities in their daily lives. While each case is unique, these three fictional case studies represent the typical patients who benefit from physical therapy.

The Post-Op — This individual has just gone through surgery and is ready to enter the recovery process. Whatever area of the body was involved, physical therapy can help this person bounce back stronger than before surgery. The patient will visit a physical therapist throughout the entire recovery time, working each day to rebuild strength and range of motion in the area that was operated upon.

The Aching — Caught in a cycle of pain and inactivity, this person suffers from chronic aches that could become overwhelming if no action is taken. Experiencing pain and discomfort when trying to move can lead some people to adopt sedentary lifestyles that will often create more pain and problems. Physical therapy can help avoid this snowball effect. This patient works closely with pain doctors and physical therapists to not only keep moving, but use strength and help alleviate the pain altogether.

The Big Hurt — This person has tried everything to fix the discomfort he or she feels in a part of the body. In order to solve the problem, the patient has conducted research online, talked with his primary care doctor, and even tried various procedures or therapies. In an attempt to get a more hands-on approach to treatment, he has turned to physical therapy for a solution. By building a relationship with a physical therapist, he has created a treatment plan that’s unique to his symptoms.


The therapy services department at Summit Healthcare go beyond physical therapy, also offering:

Speech language pathology, which helps children and adults overcome speech disorders and communicate effectively, and

Occupational therapy, which helps people of all ages participate in everyday activities that they want or need to do. [/icon_list]

“We’re here for the people of the community, making sure we provide patients with one-on-one therapy services to help them get back to all the activities they want and need to do,” says Wade McDowell, OTR/L, Therapy Services Director at Summit Healthcare.

To learn more about physical therapy and all therapy services at Summit Healthcare, visit summithealthcare.net/therapy-services-arizona.
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