Occupational vs. Physical Therapy, What’s the Difference?

Physical therapySometimes our bodies need a helping hand. This could be because of injuries, surgeries, medical conditions, or just age. Occupational and physical therapy are both forms of therapy designed to help the body in some way. However, it can be hard to distinguish the two apart. While occupational and physical therapy shares some overlap, they are two distinct things. Let’s explore the difference between physical therapy and occupational therapy.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a rehabilitation service designed to get the body moving properly. This is most common after an injury, surgery, or a long stay at a hospital. Physical therapy is designed to get people back to walking, improve balance, improve motor skills, reduce pain, reduce disability, and promote overall body functions. This is often achieved through exercise, nutrition, stretches, and generally, any technique used to slowly restore function. Some places you’re likely to see a physical therapist are hospitals, rehabilitation centers, sports medicine offices, nursing homes, and some colleges.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is the rehabilitation of a patient’s daily functions. Occupational therapy is most appropriate for people with disabilities, people with medical conditions, injuries, or who are losing mobility from age. Occupational therapy is designed to restore daily functions like eating, sleeping, showering, getting around the house, and other basic activities. Occupational therapy is very personalized to a patient’s needs. A person who is newly disabled and wheelchair-bound will need very different therapy than someone recovering after a stroke.

An occupational therapist will develop a treatment plan and help restore daily functions with assistive devices, exercise, work on motor skills, work on hand-eye coordination, and many other methods. You’re likely to see occupational therapists at nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, and practices reserved specifically for occupational therapy.

Seeking Treatment

Knowing what you need after a life-altering event can feel overwhelming while trying to recover. That’s why Summit Healthcare Regional Medical Center provides physical therapy and occupational therapy services. Their team of professionals will assess your needs and make sure the right staff are there to help you. If you have been injured or are struggling with mobility issues, then contact Summit Healthcare Regional Medical Center at 928-537-4375 today.

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