How to Enjoy Summer After Hip Surgery

Elegant beach woman in bikini and fashion sarong standing on shore. Hip pain can ruin your plans to have a fun-packed summer. Hip surgery aims to correct that issue and get you back to enjoying fun in the sun. Summer festivities shouldn’t have to stop because of hip problems.

With a few modifications after your surgery, you can still have a good time and make the most of the sunshine.

Pain Management

After hip surgery, physical therapy and other activities can be uncomfortable. Managing pain while your body adjusts is critical in getting you back to doing the things you love. To reduce pain after hip surgery, follow a regimen that includes:

  • Taking medications as prescribed
  • Stretching before activity
  • Using the RICE method (rest, ice, compression, elevation)
  • Being active in short bursts

Low Impact Exercises

After hip surgery, you may be eager to hit the ground running again and stay active. While exercise is helpful in your recovery, reduce the intensity level. 

For instance, if you like running, you can make the most of your time outside by taking short walks. Running is hard on your joints because of the repetitive impact of your feet hitting the ground. For those with hip and back issues, the repetitive impact from running can increase pain. Walking’s physical toll is less taxing than running and can leave you with less pain. You can also adjust by taking shorter strides and cutting down your pace. Another low-impact activity you can try after hip surgery is swimming. A trip to the pool can do wonders for your recovery. The water takes the pressure off your joints and allows for a better range of motion. If it’s difficult to perform exercises on land, the water can help ease discomfort.

Put On Proper Footwear

Before you go outside, remember to wear comfortable shoes. Wearing comfortable shoes can help your body stand up to the pounding of being outdoors. Also, well-fitting shoes help the blood flow through the body. Strong circulation moves oxygen and nutrients to your joints which helps with healing.

Pace Yourself

While you may want to be outside and jump into every summertime activity, pace yourself. Although the journey back to full strength can be frustrating, be patient and stay the course.  Increase your activity level and intensity as you recover. Pushing yourself too hard is asking for trouble. Don’t risk undoing all your gains by doing too much, too soon.

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