Tips for Recovering from Rotator Cuff Repair

Focused young male tennis player hitting a forehand. The rotator cuff is located within the muscles and ligaments that control shoulder movement. The shoulder is the most used and motile joint in the body. A torn rotator cuff may be marked by pain and swelling.

The Repair

In mild cases, we might recommend physical therapy or steroid injections for a torn rotator cuff. The drawback of the shots is that they might weaken tendons.

Other times, we will perform an arthroscopic surgical procedure to repair any damage to the torn rotator cuff and allow full range of motion without pain. This surgery is minimally invasive and helps patients live pain-free life.

After your surgery, you will want to get back to normalcy quickly. Here are some tips for recovering from the procedure.

Recovery From Torn Rotator Cuff Repair

The key elements of a speedy recovery include following our directions along with these key considerations:

  • Do not move the shoulder too much
  • Complete physical therapy 
  • Be careful of sleeping positions
  • Wear the sling
  • Take it easy and ask for help

These few simple steps can help you get back to your old self more quickly. They may also help to make sure you can manage temporary discomfort following your procedure.

In the hands of a skilled orthopedic surgeon, rotator cuff repair can be a procedure with many benefits. Just remember these few tips and give yourself enough time to heal. Rotator cuff repair is a safe and practical choice for several people.

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