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2D vs. 3D Mammogramms

By now, most women understand the importance of getting a mammogram. But what is a 3D mammogram, and when should you think about upgrading to one? By Holly Rhoton R.T.(M)(B.D.) During a 3D mammogram, a machine uses low-dose X-ray to take a number of images. Those images are then reconstructed to give doctors and radiologists a three-dimensional… Read More »

  • Posted on: Sep 30 2019

| Summit Healthcare | Show Low, AZ

Overcoming Breast Cancer: One Woman’s Story

When she was diagnosed with breast cancer, Patti Bird found the solutions she needed at Summit Healthcare. PATTI WAS INSTALLING a windshield in a car with her fiancé, Brad Anderson, when she first felt pain. “I was climbing on a trunk and hit my chest, which really hurt,” Patti says. “I thought that maybe I… Read More »

  • Posted on: Dec 31 2018

Smart Screenings for Her | Summit Healthcare | Show Low, AZ

Smart Screenings for Her

Awareness and early detection are the keys to staying ahead of dangerous diseases that impact women. MAYBE YOU SPENT all day at the office, meeting deadlines and exceeding expectations. Or perhaps your focus has been on attending to responsibilities at home: cleaning, cooking, and taking care of kids. When life gets busy, making an appointment… Read More »

  • Posted on: May 1 2018

Cancer Care for Our Community | Summit Healthcare | Show Low, AZ

Cancer Care for Our Community

Summit Healthcare provides caring cancer treatment and preventive cancer screenings right here in your community. WHAT HAPPENS AFTER DIAGNOSIS? Hearing that you have been diagnosed with breast cancer can feel overwhelming at first. Instead of researching every possible scenario, it may prove most helpful to know your next actionable steps. Get to know your cancer.… Read More »

  • Posted on: Dec 29 2017

Fighting Cancer, Close to Home

After a career as a flight attendant, Heather moved from Denver to Show Low with her husband, Dale, and two daughters to spend more time together. Two years later, everything changed. GOING TO SOCCER games and Girl Scout meetings with her girls, Heather reveled in being a stay-at-home mom. During weekends and breaks, she and… Read More »

  • Posted on: Nov 30 2017

Your Guide to Mammograms and Breast Awareness | Summit Healthcare | Show Low, AZ

Your Guide to Mammograms and Breast Awareness

Knowing your body and having regular screening mammograms can help you detect breast cancer early. Stay informed about the benefits of mammograms as well as the warning signs of breast cancer with this guide.   For more information or to set up your next screening mammogram, visit  

  • Posted on: Sep 29 2017

Combating Breast Cancer

Combating Breast Cancer

WHEN IT COMES to battling breast cancer, early detection and proactive solutions are key. Thanks to diagnostic technologies and increased education about finding breast cancer in its earliest stages, healthcare providers and patients are teaming up to find breast cancer when the disease is most responsive to treatment. There are approximately 2.8 million breast cancer survivors… Read More »

  • Posted on: Oct 3 2016

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