Is Happiness a Work-in-Progress? Keep Going!

Little boy doing exercise with large ball Studies indicate that happy people are generally healthier with fewer instances of illness. If you don’t describe yourself as happy, consider yourself a work-in-progress. As you continue your work to become a happier, healthier you, keep in mind that “happy” doesn’t look the same on everyone. Generally, a happy person is adequately satisfied with the life they have created. They can handle setbacks and manage in trying times. Happy people reach out for help when they need it, whether from a trusted friend or a therapist, and they take responsibility for creating their own joy. Even if you don’t feel like you currently fit into every one of these categories, there is hope. What is it they say? Change is the only constant in life? With that in mind, we discuss some of the ways you can feel happier moving forward.

  • Build and maintain connections. A Harvard study discovered a profound link between people’s level of happiness and the closeness of their connections with family and friends. We are social creatures who thrive with emotional stimulation. Our sense of safe connection has taken a hit in the past year and a half as a result of COVID-19 and societal factors. If you find yourself struggling in this arena, consider joining a local or online book club or social group or reconnecting with an old friend.
  • Lend a hand. Not only does volunteering provide a social opportunity, but it is also proven to improve a person’s mood. In one study, researchers found that the benefits of volunteer work were especially strong in adults over the age of 70. Even the planning phase of identifying what area you want to volunteer in and groups that are seeking volunteers provides a newfound sense of purpose and connectedness.
  • Revisit childhood. During adulthood, we often forget about the activities and hobbies we loved as children or during our early adult years. Joy can be revived by thinking back and picking up those activities that used to bring a smile to the face. There is also value in exploring new hobbies and activities. If something makes you lose track of time because you are so engrossed in it, it’s a joy-giving activity.
  • Buy time. For decades, we’ve lived in this general mindset that material possessions can make us happier. Not happy, but happier. This may be true to an extent, but what is interesting is that having more time does seem to create happiness. Rather than spending on new items, invest in services such as a housecleaner. Doing so frees you up to enjoy those old or new activities and hobbies.

Happiness is an integral aspect of health and vice versa. For more information about the services available at Summit Healthcare in Show Low, AZ, contact us today.

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