Pain Awareness Month

Summit Pain Awareness Month Overview

In the United States more than 100 million individuals live with chronic pain. September has been declared Pain Awareness Month to not only raise awareness, but also empower and encourage fellow pain survivors to know they’re supported in the community.

Pain Awareness Month was established in 2001 by a coalition of groups and organizations. There are many areas in which you can generate awareness and promote the cause, including the following:

Arthritis word cloud concept
Arthritis word cloud concept
  • Spread the word to your family and friends. Educate your loved ones and encourage them to talk openly to others as well.
  • Take the U.S. Pain Foundation Pain Awareness Pledge. This pledge is a simple way to show the nation that chronic pain is a disease, which needs to be addressed through policies, education and fair access to treatments. By signing this pledge, you’re empowering the pain community while supporting the organization’s mission to raise awareness and support those who deal with continuous pain.


  • Beautify in Blue: By placing blue ribbons and signage on various areas of your community, you will aid in raising awareness of chronic pain and highlight the bravery, courage and perseverance of pain warriors.
  • Talk with your health care providers and encourage them to promote Pain Awareness Month to their patients and community.
  • Take time out of each day to take care of yourself! Learn how to manage and relieve your pain through various methods that work best for you. Make sure to incorporate a healthy diet and plenty of rest and relaxation into your daily routine to optimize your pain management.


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