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Cancer Treatment Center Show Low, AZAt Summit Healthcare Cancer Center, we are pleased to have one of the leading cancer centers in the area of  Show Low, AZ. Our cancer center can diagnose and treat a wide range of cancer types. At the same time, we can provide state-of-the-art treatments for our patients, incorporating the latest methodologies including traditional radiation and chemotherapy. We develop individualized care for each of our patients based on their needs.

What makes our cancer clinic special?

Our clinic has received special certification and recognition for all that we do for our cancer patients. We have an accredited breast cancer program in our facility, offering quality care for women who are struggling with their condition. Additionally, Summit Healthcare Cancer Center has received dual certification from the Commission of Cancer. It is one of the first rural hospitals in the state of Arizona to receive dual certification with a Commission of Cancer accredited program. We want what’s best for our patients, and we continue to strive in providing the quality care our men and women deserve.

Who is available to help through your cancer journey at Summit Healthcare Cancer Center?

Our clinic has a multidisciplinary team that includes a variety of professionals such as oncologists, surgeons, and other healthcare providers that can help you through your fight with cancer. Our practice offers a wide selection of programs and services for various types of cancer. While we offer radiation and chemotherapy, we also incorporate other state-of-the-art solutions to provide amazing results. We work directly with our patients to create a treatment plan that meets their needs, and stand beside them during their journey. In addition to providing treatment for cancer, we also offers prevention education and cancer screenings to spot most cancers in their earliest stages for more effective treatment.

Are you interested in receiving individualized care for your diagnosed cancers?

Take the time to learn more about Summit Healthcare in Show Low, AZ. Our cancer center clinic provides the best possible care for your condition, while ensuring treatments are effective and affordable. Call our facility today at (928) 537-6937 to get started! We are conveniently located at 2500 East Hunt Drive.

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