What Diagnostic Imaging Services Are Available at Our Practice?

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What Diagnostic Imaging Services Are Available at Our Practice?To determine the cause of a patient’s health problem, a diagnosis needs to be made. Doctors throughout the various fields of medicine have a wide range of diagnostic tools and services to help patients get the information they need to improve their health. Diagnostic imaging at Summit Healthcare may include some of the following:

  • X-rays – many patients are familiar with x-rays. X-rays are used in all areas of medicine. These images are made using devices that utilizes gamma rays or x-rays to create photographs of the inner organs, tissues, and bones. X-rays are extremely beneficial, providing clear, high-quality images for a more effective diagnosis.
  • MRIs – also known as “magnetic resonance imaging,” MRI’s use magnets and radio waves to create very detailed images. This method does not use radiation, but can provide extremely helpful imaging of the organs and soft tissues of the body. This diagnostic tool is not recommended for visualizing bones.
  • CT/CAT – Computer tomography is another diagnostic tool that is more effective at showing detailed images of the bones, organs, and tissues than traditional x-rays. These may be recommended over a traditional x-rays depending on the unique needs of the patient.
  • PET – Positron emission tomography, or “PET,” is a special imaging device that reveals the functionality of the organs and tissues in the body. The PET is extremely valuable for detecting cancer and evaluating the heart’s function and appearance.
  • Ultrasounds – ultrasound energy can also be used in diagnostics, providing sound waves that show live photos of the muscles, tendons, veins, arteries, heart, breast, and organs.
  • Nuclear medical imaging – Summit Healthcare is the first hospital in the state of Arizona to acquire nuclear medical imaging with a tool known as the D SPECT Nuclear camera. This device provides a clear diagnosis of a variety of conditions which may include infections, arthritis, heart disease, and even cancer.

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