Radiation vs chemotherapy: which one is best for me?

iStock 950643374 If you have recently received a cancer diagnosis, you may be reading a lot of information regarding the best treatment. While this can be a scary time for patients, it is also a time to make educated decisions regarding your care. With a diagnosis of cancer, many patients are encouraged to consider treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy. But which one is best? Is one more effective than the other? Which has less side effects? Which one is best for the type of cancer you have? Many of these questions can be asked by patients to our team at Summit Healthcare.

Find out more about the differences between radiation and chemotherapy below! 

  • Chemotherapy – Chemotherapy is often the first line of treatment for many types of cancer. With chemotherapy, chemotherapeutic agents are administered to patients to slow or stop cell growth. However, the medication cannot distinguish between the cancer cells and the healthy cells in the body, causing it to attack and kill cells that are necessary. This, in turn, leaves patients at risk for a variety of side effects such as hair loss and a weakened immune system. Chemotherapy can be administered through oral medications or via an IV drip at Summit Healthcare.
  • Radiation – Radiation is a way to treat various cancers as well. This method utilizes energy waves to target cells and tissues that are growing and multiplying rapidly. As with chemotherapy, radiation also can kill healthy cells along with cancerous ones. Early-stage cancers often respond well to radiation, which can prevent spreading and can shrink tumors prior to surgery for removal. There are three types of radiation, including external radiation, internal radiation, and systemic radiation, which impacts the way it is administered. Radiation may be used along with chemotherapy as an effective way of treating cancer or keeping it from worsening with time.

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