Learn More About the Cardiac Pulmonary Rehabilitation Center and Its Offerings

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Learn More About the Cardiac Pulmonary Rehabilitation Center and Its Offerings At Summit Healthcare, patients who are at risk of developing, or have, heart disease or lung disease will need continued contact with medical providers to monitor their condition. In addition, patients who have a diagnosis of cardiovascular disease or pulmonary disease will be referred to our cardiac pulmonary rehabilitation clinic. This clinic is designed to offer programs for patients to help them manage their conditions, reduce the risks of future hospitalizations, and avoid the development of other medical complications and conditions that may coexist. The programs available at our clinic provide specialized plans and treatment options for patients who have a diagnosis of heart or lung concerns.

What types of programs are available with Summit Healthcare?

  • Inpatient program introduction
  • Phase II programs
  • Cardiac program
  • Pulmonary program
  • Community health and fitness maintenance program

Which one is right for me?

During an evaluation at our practice, our providers will determine the level of care needed for one’s cardiac or pulmonary needs. Then, patients are educated in regards to the best cardiac pulmonary rehabilitation program best suited for their current situation. Many of these programs can help patients manage their condition and reduce complications or future hospitalizations with proper maintenance. Working with our professionals in our rehabilitation programs will ensure a healthier future.

How are the programs different than routine follow-up visits?

A lot can happen between doctor visits. With the help of our cardiologists and pulmonologists, patients can attend these programs to educate themselves on the care that occurs in the interim. Patients can speak with professionals who can develop dietary plans or provide education on how to manage heart and lung emergencies. These classes may include several sessions to educate individuals on their condition and the changes they can make in their lifestyle that will directly impact their health and wellness.

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