Understanding the swing bed program

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Swing bed programThe team of Summit Healthcare is pleased to provide a specialized program for rehabilitation patients called the Swing Bed Program. This is a program available to qualifying patients to help them transition from a short-term hospital stay to home The Swing Bed Program offers patients improved access to the services that can ensure a proper transition following certain procedures, and can ensure patients obtain necessary services such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, IV therapy, and speech therapy when they need it.

Who is a candidate for the Swing Bed Program

Patients who are considered proper candidates for our unique Swing Bed Program include patients that have stayed at a hospital for at least three overnight stays and have an ongoing diagnosis that requires specialized care as defined by Medicare. Patients must be covered by Medicare Part A to participate in this program. Most patients who are enrolled in the Swing Bed Program may stay an average of seven to 10 days before discharge. These services are perfect in helping patients regain their independence after a diagnosis that may impact their lifestyle, as well as their physical, emotional, and social functions. In addition to one-on-one care, we also offer group activities that patients can participate in to help in improving their quality of life following a medical diagnosis that can impact it.

Who assists a patient during the Swing Bed Program?

Registered nurses who act as a case manager will help patients determine if they can benefit from the Swing Bed Program. They can also walk patients through the process of healing and obtaining necessary services during this time. They can help with orthopedic surgery recovery, neurological disorders, and other chronic conditions, providing therapy for the body and emotional support throughout recover and rehabilitation. Our providers are dedicated to improving one’s overall quality of life even after a concerning diagnosis.

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