What Is the Chronic Care Management Program?

chronic care management

Chronic conditions can be difficult for even the toughest people to manage. By definition, these are diseases or disorders that last for more than a year, and around 60% of all Americans have at least one. Unfortunately, if they have multiple conditions, the stakes go up a notch. The Summit Healthcare Regional Medical Center has put together a program called chronic care management for people with two or more chronic conditions who want to live healthier lifestyles. We’ll look at what it is and why it was created. Keep reading to find out more.

What Is Chronic Care Management?

Chronic care management is a way to streamline and enhance a person’s medical care for better results. In today’s system, people are usually treated by specialists, and these specialists aren’t necessarily in close contact with one another. The staff at Summit Healthcare Regional Medical Center has seen how different conditions are treated and is equipped to create a tailored plan fit for you.

Why Join the Chronic Care Management Program?

For instance, if a patient has both arthritis and heart disease, the two conditions may have some overlap when it comes to procedures, medications, etc. The chronic care management program is open to anyone with multiple chronic conditions. With regular doctors there to coordinate care, it’s less likely that something will fall through the cracks. There’s also a better chance for patients to develop more realistic goals, ones that are aligned with both their personal preferences and medical needs.

Learn More About Chronic Care Management

If you’re frustrated with how your chronic diseases are being treated, it might be time for a change. If one doctor is constantly confusing your health history or failing to get in touch with your other doctors about your progress, now is your chance to bring it all under one umbrella. At Summit Healthcare Regional Medical Center, there’s no enrollment fee for the program, and the co-pay is minimal. If you’re interested in learning more about the program, contact us at 928-537-6829 or fill out our contact form to discuss a plan with one of our doctors.

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