Your First IV Therapy Appointment: What to Expect


IV therapy can be an excellent way to get the medications and/or transfusions that you need in order to feel your best. At Summit Healthcare, our IV therapy department works to provide our patients with comfortable, safe IV therapy in a relaxing setting. Here, we’ll explore what you can expect when you arrive for your first IV therapy appointment.

What Is IV Therapy?

An important note: while some aesthetic care providers offer IV therapies to administer nutrient cocktails, our IV treatments are strictly medical.

IV therapy delivers medications and therapeutics directly to a patient’s bloodstream, allowing you to get the benefit of your medications quickly and easily. There are many different uses for IV therapy, including hydration, blood transfusions, antibiotic therapy, multiple sclerosis treatment, biological treatment, iron infusions, and more.

Your IV Therapy Appointment: What to Expect

When you arrive for your IV therapy appointment, one of our care providers will direct you to a comfortable chair. We encourage you to bring a book, a crossword puzzle, your phone, or a tablet to relax while you receive your medication.

Your care provider will insert a needle into your wrist, elbow, or the back of your hand or will access your central venous catheter. Then, they’ll deliver your medication directly into your vein. Your care provider will check on you regularly, and we invite you to ask us any questions that you have about your treatment process.

At Summit Healthcare, We’re Here to Help

Summit Healthcare Regional Medical Center is proud to be Northeastern Arizona’s regional medical center. We offer a wide range of services to area residents, and we’d love to invite you to consider making us your care provider for all of your health needs. We believe in prioritizing patient comfort and safety while delivering treatments that utilize the latest in academic medical research.

We’re proud to serve Show Low, Snowflake, and surrounding areas, and we’d love to talk with you about how we can meet your family’s healthcare needs. We invite you to reach out to us today to learn more. Give us a call at 928-537-4375 to schedule an appointment—we look forward to getting to know you.

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