Services provided at our emergency department

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Services provided at our emergency departmentPatients in the area of Arizona who are in need of emergency care are welcome to visit the emergency department at Summit Healthcare. We offer an emergency department staffed 24/7 with physicians to assist at the time of a medical emergency. When a medical emergency occurs, it is important to work with a team that offers the best possible care. Our practice is pleased to offer treatment to individuals who are participants in Medicaid to ensure coverage for individuals with financial need. We are committed to helping patients in their time of need with around-the-clock care from our medical staff.

What services are offered in our emergency department?

The team at Summit Healthcare is equipped to handle a wide range of medical emergencies for patients in the area who need immediate care. We have demonstrated the ability to provide trained, capable emergency physicians who can help patients with all types of emergencies, including assisting patients with life-threatening injuries and immediate medical needs for regional or statewide emergencies. We offer high-quality specialty emergency and trauma services for those who need them, and have designated a portion of our medical center to assisting with immediate medical concerns.

Our practice services the community with cost-effective and patient-focused care when they need it the most. We offer a broad range of services for patients in our emergency department, whether a patient is dealing with a broken bone, has gone into labor, or has experienced a serious injury or trauma that requires immediate, necessary attention from our trained physicians. Patients can receive care on a walk-in basis and obtain compassionate and immediate care for their medical issues. Our team comes together each day to provide quality care for everyone!

Are you in need of emergency medical care?

Visit our emergency department at Summit Healthcare today to get the care needed to assist you in your unexpected medical concerns. Our facility can be reached by phone at (928) 537-4375 and helps patients in and around the state of Arizona address their immediate medical needs in an advanced, comprehensive care center.

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