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Visit our cancer center for quality care A cancer diagnosis is a scary moment for anyone. At Summit Healthcare, we provide patients with the care they need to effectively fight their cancer and get back to health and wellness. With the most advanced diagnostic tools and the most experienced team of providers, we can help you or your family member overcome their cancer and find effective treatment options.

The Summit Healthcare has completely changed the way in which cancers are diagnosed and treated by using the most advanced tools and technology to increase and improve patient outcomes following therapies and treatments. We proudly offer the customized therapies and treatments for each individual patient to help improve their chances of success in battling their conditions. Our practice has the opportunity to make a significant impact in the treatment of many different types of cancers, all handled by our professionals at our advanced facility.

National accreditation

Our facility works together between doctors to provide the best multidisciplinary approaches to cancer and other diseases. This has earned us national accreditation through the CoC (Commission on Cancer) and the ACS (American College of Surgeons. This three-year accreditation has been earned by ensuring a higher quality standard of care to maintain comprehensive care with a patient-centered plan. This national accreditation sets us apart from other cancer centers around the United States, allowing patients to enjoy improved patient care throughout our medical facility.

Offering state-of-the-art treatments

The team of Summit Healthcare r is committed to helping patients in and around the community with their cancer diagnosis and treatment. Our facility uses the latest technological advances and solutions to assist patients with treatment of their condition, and integrate tried-and-true treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy. Along with individualized care, we can assist individuals in their fight against cancer.

Contact Summit Healthcare today

Our cancer center is here for patients with new or recurring diagnoses of cancer. We work directly with patients to help them through their journey and assist them in finding effective treatment to battle their condition. We have four convenient locations throughout Arizona and encourage interested patients to book an appointment by calling (928) 537-4375.

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