What is inpatient dialysis?

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What is inpatient dialysis?When kidney conditions occur, many patients are advised to start inpatient dialysis. The kidneys play an important role in removing the waste and extra fluid that can accumulate as it moves through the body. This is done through urination. However, if the kidneys are not functioning properly, this waste cannot be eliminated and the blood cannot be cleaned, resulting in fatal circumstances. However, with inpatient dialysis, patients can seek a manual method of removing impurities in the blood using a specialized machine. Inpatient dialysis might be short-term or long-term, depending on the patient’s unique situation.

What is dialysis?

Dialysis is a treatment required when patients do not have fully functioning kidneys. A special device is used to route the blood from the patient into a machine that filters the blood, removing waste and fluid accumulation. The clean blood is then routed back into the body through the machine to work for the kidneys when they are incapable of effectively cleaning the blood. Dialysis is often recommended for patients with kidney failure, reduced kidney function, or kidney trauma. Many patients will be in dialysis until they receive a kidney transplant in the future. Without dialysis, patients may experience a variety of problems which can become fatal.

What is inpatient dialysis like?

Dialysis is a specialized treatment that uses a hemodialysis machine to filer the blood, fluid, and waste from the body. An AV graft is a plastic tube that is used in the skin as an entrance point. Later, an AV fistula is placed and this can be used for several years. Patients then show up several times a week to our practice to have their dialysis performed, and this will take several hours each appointment. Our team will walk patients through the process, and our nurses will monitor dialysis from start to finish.

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Summit Healthcare is available to help patients in the community with their health needs, including treatments for kidney conditions that require dialysis. We encourage patients to learn more about our inpatient dialysis by calling (928) 537-4375 and visiting one of our four convenient locations. We are committed to helping patients feel their best, and provide a wide selection of services in our state-of-the-art hospital facilities.

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