Tackling Chronic Sinus Infections

unhappy japanese woman with closed eyes rubbing red sore nose suffering from rhinitis Sinus infections can bring your everyday routine to a screeching halt. The discomfort, congestion, and interrupted sleep can wreak havoc on your daily life. Experiencing chronic sinus infections can be debilitating, and not knowing the cause can add to the frustration. The professionals of Summit Healthcare Regional Medical Center can provide you with the answers you need to help get your sinus issues under control. If you’re wondering why you’ve repeatedly come down with sinus infections, here are a few possible reasons why it happens and how we can help you find answers.


Chronic sinus infections, or sinusitis, can have many causes. One of the common reasons behind chronic sinus infections is allergies. Exposure to environmental allergens can be problematic for your sinuses and overwhelm them. Pet dander, dust mites, mold, pollen, ragweed, and other commonly found allergens can cause you to suffer from chronic sinus infections because they can block your sinus cavities with fluid, allowing bacteria to get stuck, create congestion, and make you sick.

Nasal Polyps

Another possible reason for sinus infections is that you may have developed nasal polyps in your nose. Nasal polyps are noncancerous growths that some people develop in their nasal cavities. Nasal polyps pose a unique challenge to your health because they can worsen congestion, create additional mucus, and cause sinus infections. Also, nasal polyps can create other uncomfortable symptoms, such as 

  • Headaches
  • Facial pain
  • Loss of smell or taste
  • Postnasal drip
  • Runny nose

Deviated Septums

If you have a deviated septum, there is a significant chance that you may develop chronic sinus infections. A deviated septum does not allow your nasal cavity to drain correctly, causing fluid to back up in the nasal passages and creating infections. Correcting a deviated septum may require surgical intervention to help you get relief. The professionals of Summit Healthcare Regional Medical Center provide a wide range of services to treat many medical conditions, including chronic sinus infections. Our facilities can provide specialized treatment programs to meet your needs, including ear, nose, and throat services to help address chronic sinus infections. For more on how we can help you find relief, please schedule an appointment by calling our Show Low office today at 928-537-4375.

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