When to Consider Home Health

Nurse Visiting Senior Male Patient At Home Taking Blood Pressure We go through many adjustments as we age. Some of the physical and mental changes that our bodies and minds endure can make it necessary to get extra help to maintain our quality of life. Even though it can be difficult to accept some of the adjustments we must make, it’s inevitable. Having a helping hand can make it easier to get used to the radical changes in our lives that we may have to make. If you’re considering getting a home health aide, here are a few things you should know and how our staff can help you have a suitable quality of life.

Chronic Illnesses

If you are susceptible to critical illness, having a medical professional nearby to care for you may be worth considering. While family and friends may desire to help, they may not always be available to do so. Having a medical professional on standby can be life-saving in an emergency. A trained professional such as our staff here at Summit Healthcare Regional Medical Center has years of experience handling chronic illnesses that advanced age can make complicated.


Suffering from arthritis can be debilitating. Inflammation in the joints can make moving excruciating, limiting your ability to complete everyday tasks. For some people, over-the-counter medications can lose their effectiveness over time. A Home Health professional can help you get back to participating in your regular routine and even help with your physical therapy routine if prescribed by your doctor.

Alternative to Assisted Living Facilities

Retirement communities and assisted living facilities can be expensive. Also, while many assisted living facilities aim to provide comforting features, it may not be enough for some people. Home health care can serve as a buffer for those who need assistance but still want to stay in a familiar setting. It can be comforting to stay in a familiar setting, and our staff can provide an experience that can help you feel even more at home.

Talk to Us

If you’re considering hiring home health, it’s crucial to speak with those who can walk you through the process. Our dedicated staff is ready to address your concerns and help you determine if home health can suit your needs.

To learn more, schedule a consultation with us by calling our Show Low office at 928-537-4375.

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