Caring For Seniors During the Holidays

Older people dining with grill meat and laughing together The holiday season can be an exciting time for many people, and spending time with friends and family while bonding over delicious meals and festivities can be a joyous experience. For other people, such as senior citizens, the holiday season can be difficult for many reasons. Elderly loved ones can struggle through the holiday season as it may invoke feelings of grief and make them depressed. If you have an elderly loved one, knowing how to best care for them during the holiday season is crucial.

Here are a few tips to help you care for older loved ones and monitor their well-being.

Visit Frequently

The life-altering changes that senior citizens often confront can be jarring, contributing to various emotions. One of the most difficult adjustments seniors must make is learning to live without close relatives or friends who may have lost, such as a spouse. During these times, checking in on elderly family members and spending time with them can help with their mental health and emotional well-being. A friendly, familiar face can do wonders for some people, so be sure to visit elderly family members to help bring a smile to their faces during the holiday season.

Restore Family Traditions

When family traditions fall by the wayside, elderly family members feel the impact. If there is a holiday tradition that your family hasn’t taken part in for many years, the holidays represent the ideal time to bring them back to life. Family favorites like

  • Opening the photo album
  • Driving and looking at holiday lights
  • Preparing specific dishes
  • Watching holiday movies can help seniors relive some of the happiest moments.

Implement a Professional Care Plan

Along with doing your part to care for older family members, enlisting professional assistance can also give you the tools you need to care for elderly family members. Senior citizens sometimes need specialized services like mental health assistance and medical care to help them enjoy the holiday season to the fullest. The professionals at the Summit Healthcare Regional Medical Center can help implement a care plan to help meet the needs of senior citizens and help them have an enjoyable quality of life. To learn more, please schedule a consultation with our office by calling us at 928-968-5009.

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