Inpatient Dialysis Explained in Simple Terms


Life isn’t easy when your kidneys aren’t working. But hemodialysis could give you a fresh start to go along with the fresh new year. Here’s how inpatient dialysis works and why you may want to consider it.

What Is Hemodialysis?

As it travels through your veins and arteries, blood acquires various waste materials, excess fluids, and salts. Your kidneys are a pair of organs in your lower abdomen that filter these substances out to keep your blood and body healthy.

Unfortunately, one or both of your kidneys may stop functioning. This may happen following a kidney injury, but conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes are also major culprits.

Hemodialysis, commonly known as dialysis, involves having a machine handle the work your kidneys can’t do. While this often occurs as an outpatient procedure administered at a dedicated facility, you can also undergo an inpatient version.

When Might You Benefit From Inpatient Dialysis?

Many dialysis recipients simply need hemodialysis while they’re already hospitalized. For instance, you might be hospitalized for a completely unrelated condition or health problem. Instead of you needing to travel elsewhere, our inpatient dialysis staff will bring the machinery right to your hospital bedside.

There’s an obvious advantage to doing things this way: Inpatient dialysis dramatically reduces the burden on the patient. Since you don’t even have to get out of bed, you can receive life-saving treatment while you recover.

Who’s a Good Candidate for Inpatient Dialysis?

Inpatient dialysis may be well tolerated by people who need dialysis but would face risks due to the strain of travel. It may also help if you have a compromised immune system that wouldn’t do well in the typical dialysis clinic environment.

Avoiding healthcare interruptions is another common use case. Your other health conditions may make it a good idea for your doctor to monitor you for a while. By receiving inpatient dialysis, you can stay closer to your medical team.

Finally, not every patient undergoes permanent dialysis. For instance, people who sustain sudden injuries to their kidneys might only need temporary treatment, which is beneficial for those who will be discharged soon.

Discover Whether Inpatient Dialysis Might Be Ideal for You at Summit Healthcare

Inpatient dialysis is just one option in a broad spectrum of kidney health treatments. Find out whether it’s the best route for you by consulting with the Summit Healthcare team in Show Low, Arizona. Call 928-537-4375 or book an appointment online.

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