What to Look For in a Woman & Infant Services Program


Women and Infant Services programs are also referred to by names like Women Infants and Children or WIP programs, depending on which state you’re talking about. Regardless, the overall goal is clear: they aim to provide not only nutrition-based education and support but also health and social service referrals, breastfeeding support, and more. All these things are pivotal during a period of growth and development in a child’s life.

All this begs the question: what should you be looking for when it comes to finding one of these programs that will meet your needs on an ongoing basis? The answer to that question requires you to keep a few key things in mind.

Critical Support During a Critical Time

The best woman and infant services programs will be those that offer an ending level of support for the entire family. Services shouldn’t end with the birth of the baby – in a lot of ways, they should just be beginning.

Breastfeeding education is a big part of that, for example. Professionals can help you understand how to help your baby latch deeply at the breast, how to hand express your milk if necessary, and more. They can also go into detail about techniques like reverse pressure softening.

Overall, women and infant services programs should offer the highest quality of prenatal, intrapartum, perinatal, neonatal, and follow-up care. At Summit Healthcare, our OB department is certified by the Arizona Perinatal Trust to do all this and more. Each passionate and experienced professional is working hard toward creating a system that offers exceptional access to high-quality care. This is true whether that care is being delivered in a medical center or in a family’s own community.

Get Compassionate Services at Summit Healthcare

If you’d like to find out more information about what you should be looking for when choosing a woman and infant services program, or if you’d just like to talk to a professional about your own needs in a bit more detail, please don’t hesitate to contact Summit Healthcare Regional Medical Center today or call 855-768-4968.

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