What is inpatient dialysis?

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What is inpatient dialysis?When patients are diagnosed with a kidney condition such as kidney failure, they may need to undergo specialized procedures to ensure that their blood is filtered properly when the kidneys are no longer healthy enough to perform. This can be detrimental to a patient’s health and can result in death. This is because the kidneys are responsible for removing waste and fluid that accumulates in the body and allowing it to be eliminated when a patient urinates. When the kidney is unable to perform their job and patients are faced with a grim future. At this point, the doctors of Summit Healthcare may encourage patients to undergo a routine treatment known as dialysis.

What is dialysis?

Dialysis is the use of a specialized machine that will take over the job your kidneys once performed. The machine will take in your blood and route it out of your body and through a device with a filter that cleanses the blood manually and pumps it back into the bloodstream. This is done for patients who are experiencing chronic kidney disease or kidney failure, when the function of the organ is not working properly or at all.

What is inpatient dialysis?

Inpatient dialysis is dialysis treatment right in our practice. Patients come in on a regular basis, typically three time a week, to have their blood treated with a dialysis machine. These sessions can last anywhere from three to five hours, so patients should bring something to do during this time to keep them occupied. Patients will be situated in a chair or bed while their dialysis is occurring, and our nurses will monitor the process then entire time. Patients can leave after their treatment session and should return as advised by their medical staff.

How long do I need dialysis?

The length of time during which dialysis is required varies depending on the condition a patient is faced with. If patients have had an injury to the kidney, they may just need dialysis for a short time as their kidneys recover and can take over the natural process again. However, those with chronic kidney disease who are waiting on a kidney transplant may need dialysis until they can receive one. Some patients are on dialysis for life if they are unable to receive a kidney transplant for other medical reasons.

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