Learn more about IV therapy at Summit Healthcare

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Learn more about IV therapy at Summit HealthcareWhen patients think of IVs, they often think of the administration of medications directly into the bloodstream. While this is true, there are also a wide variety of treatments that can be performed intravenously. By using an injection right into the vein, medications and liquids can be given to patients in the fastest way. Injections into the blood vessels means faster results and more efficiency in medication delivery.

What IV therapy services are available at our practice?

The IV therapy department of the Summit Healthcare offers the following IV therapy services for patients:

  • Antibiotic therapy – infections can spread throughout the body. By administering antibiotic medications into the bloodstream, the infection can be treated as soon as possible for better results.
  • Blood transfusions – when patients are in need of blood, an IV may be used to deliver this blood directly into their system. The blood administered is often donated by blood donors in or around the community.
  • Port flushing and maintenance – ports or central lines that are used in the body can be addressed with IV injections.
  • Hydration – when patient are dehydrated, they can be quickly improved with the use of IV injections. Hydrating the body is often necessary when patients are seriously dehydrated to the point that it is infecting their body in a way that cannot be addressed with drinking water alone. The results of hydration is much faster through an IV than manually through consumption.

What are the benefits of IV therapy?

The benefits of IV therapy are:

  • Control of patient dosage
  • Speed of administration
  • Effective treatment with faster results

Does my insurance cover IV therapies?

When IV therapy is performed for medical reasons, most health insurance plans will cover some or all of the cost of treatment. The exception is with elective hydration or vitamin injections. These are often paid out-of-pocket by patients and rarely reduced with insurance coverage or benefits.

Learn more about IV therapies available at our practice

The team of Summit Healthcare offers a variety of services to new and existing patients, including IV therapy. If you are ready to discuss IV therapy with one of our doctors, we encourage you to book a consultation appointment. We can be reached at (928) 537-4375 to request a visit.

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