How IV therapy is used

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How IV therapy is usedIV therapy is used in many areas of medicine. IV, which stands for intravenous, is a method of accessing the blood vessels to administer liquids, nutrients, or medications. By providing liquids, nutrients, or medications through an IV, a doctor can ensure fast results and sufficient medications are administered as needed.

How is IV therapy used?

There are many ways in which an IV is used in the medical field, and the team at Summit Healthcare Regional Center utilizes this therapy often for a variety of reasons. Some of the more common IV therapy services provided at our four convenient office locations include:

  • MS treatments
  • Hydration
  • Blood transfusions
  • Antibiotic therapy
  • Push medications (Lasix, etc.)
  • Infusions for radiology procedures
  • Osteoporosis reclast
  • Lab draws
  • Port flushes/maintenance
  • Central line care
  • Procrit injections
  • Sedation/anesthetics
  • Nutritional injections (vitamins and minerals)

Do I need IV therapy?

Patients who are in need of medication, fluids, or nutrients may find that IV therapy is appropriate for them. During a consultation appointment with our team, patients can discuss their medical needs and determine if they may benefit from IV therapy at Summit Healthcare Regional Center. Not all situations require IVs, but our team is experienced and educated in providing services for individuals in need of IV therapy.

Why is IV therapy preferred by doctors?

There are several benefits to administering needed medications and nutrients through IV therapy. IV therapy allows the best possible control over the medication dose for the patient, while ensuring speed and efficiency. Because IV therapy is delivered straight to the blood stream, immediate application is achieved when compared to prescription oral medications. IV therapy also allows the doctor to administer medication through a slower IV drip, which provides small but consistent medication doses as needed to the patient.

Learn more about IV therapy

At Summit Healthcare Regional Center, our offices are available to help patients dealing with a wide range of health concerns, and we are pleased to offer IV therapy as one of our many offerings. Patients in the area considering their options will want to call our practice at our main line to request an appointment. Call (928) 537-4375 and take the time to speak to a provider about your concerns and individual needs for treatment.

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